Invictus – Director: Clint Eastwood

Having heard that Clint Eastwood does not usually use storyboards, I was chuffed to get the call on this one, especially as it covered, amongst other scenes, the highly dramatic and unexpected Boeing 747 low level pass over Ellis Park at the 1995 Rugby World Cup final. One to treasure.

Dredd – Director: Pete Travis

It was great to work with Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle, and to glean some of his cinematic vision, and then to observe the boarded sequences being played out on this, the first feature to be shot at the Cape Town Film Studios, which had that new sound stage smell!

Maze Runner – Director: Wes Ball

Storyboard briefing sessions were lively on Maze Runner, irrepressible director Wes Ball enacting, within the space of his office, not only the performance and actions of the principals, but also the sound effects. While his enthusiasm was contagious, he was always also receptive to suggestion.

Escape Room – Director: Adam Robitel

It was great to work with Adam Robitel on this complex story. Unusually, he requested a full storyboard for each room, based on his detailed blocking plans, and the resultant number of frames in the given time necessitated a rougher style. Briefing sessions with him and DoP Marc Spicer were always infused with his enthusiasm and willingness to hear problem solving ideas.